Corporate law

The Levin Law Office

The Levin Law Office is a boutique office specializing in providing litigation services, legal advice and legal support in the corporate, intellectual property, sports law and labor law fields.

Our office advises and provides support for companies, shareholders, employers, employees and athletes in a variety of fields.

The office was established with the aim of being a one stop shop for diverse but interrelated legal services of a commercial and business character. In recent years, the office has dealt with a long list of conflicts between shareholders, including family conflicts of a highly sensitive nature.

The office supports providing personalized service that is tailored to client needs, with special emphasis on discreetness, devotion, thoroughness and uncompromising professional excellence.

Fields of expertise

Intellectual property

Our office specializes in providing unique solutions in the intellectual property field, including the patents, trademarks, designs and copyrights fields. Correct, smart legal and commercial

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Corporate law

Our office advices and supports Israeli and international companies in their routine business activity. The company is the first legal entity of the beginning of business and economic activity. This means that the way in which it is incorporated is of great importance, as is the agreement between the company’s shareholders.

Our office always places emphasis on the beginning of business activity, and provides advice that characterizes the character, business affairs and shareholders of the company, whether for startup companies, companies that have an international business activity character, or companies of a domestic one. We closely support companies that have contacts with the various government ministries for all relevant matters and issues related to needs of companies and employees that are administered by the government ministries.

Given that our office specializes in intellectual property and technology, we naturally provide support companies from the beginning of their formation, in devising investment agreements and fundraising from domestic and overseas funds, businesspeople, to the sale of the company, sale of shares and bringing investors into the company.

Because the office’s character is in the international field, we support foreign businesspeople and investors who are interested in starting activity in Israel. The office works in cooperation with a Spanish office that practices in the corporate and receivership field and therefore learns about many investments of enormous economic potential in various fields.

Our office has rich experience in providing corporate litigation services to companies, shareholders and directors, and represents them in all judicial instances, including arbitration and mediation proceedings. Our office has represented clients in difficult, complex conflicts, some of which are of a sensitive nature, with great success, placing emphasis on the client’s interests and the company’s future.

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