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The Levin Eini Law Office is a boutique office specializing in providing litigation services, legal advice and legal support in the corporate, intellectual property, sports law and labor law fields.

Our office advises and provides support for companies, shareholders, employers, employees and athletes in a variety of fields.

The office was established with the aim of being a one stop shop for diverse but interrelated legal services of a commercial and business character. In recent years, the office has dealt with a long list of conflicts between shareholders, including family conflicts of a highly sensitive nature.

Fields of expertise

Corporate law

Our office advises and supports Israeli and international companies in their regular business activity. The company is the first legal entity for starting business and economic activity. This makes its manner of incorporation, and just as importantly, the agreement between its shareholders, extremely important.

Control struggles and conflicts between shareholders

Running a company is no simple affair and often involves instincts, tensions and disputes between the shareholders, which sometimes boil over into a long, expensive legal dispute. A conflict between shareholders may incapacitate a company, inflict irreversible damage on it and its shareholders, as well as third parties, such as suppliers and even banks that have become involved in the dispute out of no fault of their own, which may stop providing credit and service as a result.

Personal liability of officers of a corporation

The meaning of being a limited liability company is that there is legal separation between the company and its shareholders. If the company has failed to fulfill its obligations, and has breached an agreement with you, your legal right is against the company rather than its shareholders, as it is a company whose shareholders have limited liability. However, a shareholder and officer of the company is not immune to personal liability for actions performed within his capacity and standing at the company.

Intellectual property

Correct, intelligent legal and commercial protection at the first stages of any inventor, entrepreneur, designer or artist will predict his future. Protection in the first stages of the invention, copyright or design is critical for its future economic value. Our office provides an answer to this need. Our office has been supporting inventors, entrepreners, startup companies and artists from the beginning of their work and advises them on how to protect their rights in the broadest manner with the minimal cost, including on registration and protection of proprietary rights in Israel and overseas.

Labor law

Our office works in all legal and economic aspects related to labor law. We believe that good employment relations are those that allow employees and employers to prosper together, through dialog and working together to the organization’s benefit.

The fact that our office represents employees, employers and worker unions
gives us a clear legal advantage, allows us to form a correct strategy and gives us the ability to find an effective, quick solution for our customers.

Sports law

Because members of the office team have engaged in professional sports previously, it is inevitable for sports law to be part of its routine practice.

Our office has rich experience in all aspects of sports law, including soccer, basketball, tennis and other sports.

Like in every legal field, in sports too, every athlete’s professional life is short, so actions that he takes at the beginning of his career will determine his professional and financial future.

Environmental protection

In recent years there has been dramatic development on the issue of the environment. Environmental protection has become a hot issue, and is commonly associated with global warming and climate change. However, the environmental topic contains a wide range of laws, including clean air, effluents, hazardous materials, waste and more.

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An attorney tried to claim a percentage based fee pursuant to a compromise agreement that was not signed and was not announced to the customer. The attorney also based his claim on a fee agreement that had no legal effect.

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