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Levin, Eini & Lahav Advocates & Patent Attorneys is a modern and dynamic boutique law firm that offers professionalism, personalized and on-hand service.

The firm specializes in various fields, Intellectual Property, Data Protection Law, Labor Law, Environmental Law and Real Estate Law.

Our team provides legal consultancy, including contract negotiations, drafting (commercial agreements, distribution agreements, license agreements and employment agreements) and litigation services in all courts, high profile and sensitive law suits, including before the Patent Authority.

Fields of expertise

Intellectual property

Our office specializes in providing unique solutions in the intellectual property field, including the patents, trademarks, designs and copyrights fields. The firm has gained expertise

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Sports law

Because our office’s team has a history of professional sporting activity, it became inevitable for sports law becoming part of our regular activity. Our office has great experience in all varieties of the
sports law field, including soccer, basketball, tennis and other sports.

Like in any legal field, in sports too, an athlete’s professional career is short, so actions that he performs at the beginning of his career will establish his professional future and in particular his financial one. The office’s team represents athletes from the beginning of their careers and advises them on developing a correct strategy at the domestic and international level, supports them throughout their career, in negotiations and contracts with sports clubs and associations in Israel and overseas, in the field of labor law, tax law, and in the case of injury, in legal action with insurance companies and the National Insurance Institute.

As port of our labor law activity, the office’s team is constantly updated on decisions, laws and codes in Israel and overseas, and places emphasis on professional issues with the aim of providing the client the best possible professional service.

Our office provides ongoing legal support for sports clubs and associations in various fields, including establishing various legal entities for relevant purposes.

The office’s team has rich experience in representation and conducting legal proceedings and arbitrations in the various courts, at the judicial institutions of the various sports organization, at the
domestic and international level. The office’s team is led by Alon Levin in the field of commerce, contracts and legal representation in the various instances, and Adv. Omri Eini.

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