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Levin, Eini & Lahav Advocates & Patent Attorneys is a modern and dynamic boutique law firm that offers professionalism, personalized and on-hand service.

The firm specializes in various fields, Intellectual Property, Data Protection Law, Labor Law, Environmental Law and Real Estate Law.

Our team provides legal consultancy, including contract negotiations, drafting (commercial agreements, distribution agreements, license agreements and employment agreements) and litigation services in all courts, high profile and sensitive law suits, including before the Patent Authority.

Fields of expertise

Intellectual property

Our office specializes in providing unique solutions in the intellectual property field, including the patents, trademarks, designs and copyrights fields. The firm has gained expertise

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Labor law

Our office deals with all legal and economic aspects of labor law. We believe that a good working relationship is one that allows employees and employers to prosper together through dialog and joint participation to the organization’s benefit.

The fact that our office represents employees, employers and unions gives us a clear legal advantage and an ability to develop a correct, effective strategy for our clients. Our office is a crossroads for its clients and serves as a platform for finding creative solutions. Some refer to our office as the problem solver office, and an office that saves its clients a great deal of time and money.

Like every relationship, sometimes, complex disputes and problems occur in labor relations. Our office is well known for its professional ability, for having the experience required to provide its customers the
best and most effective legal service. Our office has rich experience in representation in the various instances, inter alia in labor tribunals, arbitrations and various institutes and organizations.

Representation of employees

Our office represents employees in cases in which they are harmed and violation of labor laws by the employer – discrimination in the workplace, sexual harassment, salary delays and any other illicit conduct that violates labor laws. Our office deals with the following cases, among others:

  • Unlawful termination.
  • Pre-termination hearing – accompaniment and representation for employees in the hearing proceeding.
  • Abuse and harassment at the workplace.
  • Salary delaying – failure to pay wages and/or commissions and/or
    overtime owed to the employee.
  • Delaying of provisions to pension and severance funds.
  • Employer employee relations – supporting of employees on the
    questions of relationships and their consequences.
  • Supporting of employees at the retirement stage.
  • Supporting of women at the workplace – safeguarding and
    protecting rights related to pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Representing employees in liquidation / bankruptcy proceedings –
    filing of motions to the district court, national insurance debt claims.

Worker unions

  • Our office professionally supports employees who are working on
    establishing worker unions, advises worker unions in all aspects of
    collective negotiations with employers and on internal union affairs.
  • Establishing employee delegations.
  • Collective agreements – support and consultation.
  • Managing delegations – advising on good governance and correct
  • Accompaniment of strikes and sanctions.


Our office assists employers in managing the legal aspects of
employing their staff. This includes individual and collective
employment agreements, conducting and supporting negotiations,
termination related issues, social rights issues, retirement bonuses
and regular legal advice.

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