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Adv. Levin began his legal career as a pre-intern and intern at the Ministry of Justice, the Israel Patents, Designs and Trademarks Authority, under the Registrar Moshe Goldberg. As part of his internship Adv. Levin wrote opinions and decisions on patent, trademark and design issues. He also coordinated the legislative committees on these issues.
In 2011, Adv. Levin joined Afik Turgeman law firm as a partner and headed the litigation department. In this position he managed litigation cases involving intellectual property, corporate law, complex commercial suits, shareholder disputes and family financial disputes.
In 2015, Adv. Levin opened the firm which he heads. Out of the box thinking, simplifying complex issues and cost savings for the client are the unique hallmarks which underlie Adv. Levin’s success. Numerous years of experience and familiarity with the business world enable Adv. Levin to understand his clients’ needs, and together with them to build a strategy that will advance their interests.
As part of the firm’s activity, and his experience at the Israel Patents, Designs and Trademarks Authority, Adv. Levin provides unique solutions to inventors, entrepreneurs and startups on legal and commercial issues, among other things through his connections with investors and various funds.

Adv. Moyal immigrated to Israel from Montreal, Canada and has mother tongue level proficiency in English and French. She has worked in international Israeli companies, among them Strauss (Elite) Group and Teva Pharmaceuticals, where she acquired extensive experience in drafting international commercial agreements as well as loan agreements with international banks.
Adv. Moyal represents foreign investors, primarily from Canada, France and the U.S., in their investments in Israel, including the real estate and commercial fields.
In the real estate field, Adv. Moyal accompanies clients in purchase and sale transactions, counsels clients on real estate taxation, and provides asset management services to foreign investors. Adv. Moyal also handles wills and estates, including drafting wills in Hebrew and their translation to English/French for foreign nationals with assets in Israel. <br>
Adv. Moyal is an expert in Canadian law and drafts foreign legal opinions under Canadian law in a range of fields, among them estates, wills and guardianships.

Patent Attorney Adv. Dr. Sharona Lahav, a chemical and materials engineer, holds several degrees that help her extensively as a multidisciplinary patent Attorney :
– BA in Chemistry from the University of South Florida
– MA in Chemical Engineering from City College of New York
– PhD in Materials Engineering from Columbia University
Dr. Sharona Lahav has rich knowledge in science and technology and in numerous sub-fields. She has more than ten years experience, including in the intellectual property field working with companies, research institutes and individual inventors.
Dr. Lahav drafts patent applications and files patent registration applications in Israel and around the world, handling patent applications through to their registration.
Dr. Lahav’s activity areas include: optics, medical instrumentation, computers, nano-technology, printed circuit boards, semiconductors, munitions systems and weapon and defense systems, agriculture, cosmetics, and more.
Dr. Sharona Lahav also provides comprehensive services that include patent search reports and drafting opinions regarding invention qualification for a patent and freedom to operate. She also prepares and handles various requests, among them requests to file a notice of opposition to a patent, in addition to patent portfolio management and counseling and assistance to clients on intellectual property development and protection in Israel and around the world. <br>
Dr. Sharona Lahav also accompanies and counsels clients on registration of designs and trademarks in Israel and around the world.

Adv. Ben-Giora specializes in privacy and data protection and served as a GRC data protection consultant at a leading Israeli cybersecurity company. In this capacity Adv. Ben-Giora provided ongoing consulting to corporations regarding privacy protection and compliance with data protection regulations in Israel, and accompanied complex intra-organizational processes. Adv. Ben-Giora also accompanied and counseled on data protection in compliance with European GDPR and U.S. CCPA regulations.
Adv. Ben-Giora was actively involved in legal clinics at Ono Academic College, where he served as coordinator of the clinic for preventing SLAPP suits for the Digital Rights Movement.

Adv. Ben-Giora has studied the effect of blockchain and cryptocurrency on the legal world and the legal validity of smart contracts. He has expertise in matters relating to digital evidence and computer intrusion regarding searches and warrants to hand over computer data and security cameras.

In the global age, Adv. Ben-Giora’s acquired expertise in technology and data protection, along with his extensive knowledge in these fields, enable him to provide creative solutions to his clients, including full integration of the most up-to-date regulations, with an emphasis on the European Union and the U.S

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