Many inventors are unable to realize the economic potential of their invention only because they did not protect it properly and effectively from the beginning of the process. Details that may seem to us to be minor and insignificant may make all the difference between success and failure. This is why pre-planning and taking the correct steps are critically important and determine the economic value of the invention and the inventor’s future.

The firm gained experience drafting and filing patent applications in Israel and around the world for both local and foreign inventors, companies and startups, through to registration of the invention as a patent.

Our recommendation to every inventor and entrepreneur is to exercise great caution from the outset regarding both patent registration and contractual protection in engaging with investors. Moreover, patent registration and commercialization is a long journey that requires extensive professional knowledge.  

Our multidisciplinary experience and knowledge enable us to draft patent applications on numerous subjects in the fields of physics, chemistry and engineering, among them: optics, electronics, medical instrumentation, nano-technology, semiconductors, computers, printed circuit boards, chemical processes, mechanics, defense systems and agriculture.   

Our firm offers the following services:

  • Draft and file international patent registration applications in accordance with the PCT Treaty
  • National stage patent registration applications
  • Accelerated examination of patent registration applications (PPH)
  • Patentability searches to examine whether the invention is qualified for registration
  • Due diligence
  • Opinions regarding intellectual property in general and patents in particular, including freedom to operate opinions
  • Licensing and distribution agreements
  • Litigation services in all instances, including the Patent, Design and Trademark Registrar
  • Patent commercialization
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