Levin, Eini & Lahav Advocates & Patent Attorneys is a modern and dynamic boutique law firm that offers professionalism, personalized and on-hand service.

The firm specializes in various fields, Intellectual Property, Corporate Law, Data Protection Law, Labor Law, Environmental Law and Real Estate Law.

The firm’s Intellectual property departments was designed to cater to the unique needs of the client, encompassing all aspects to maximize the protection rights.

The firm deals with IP rights registration services in Israel and abroad (patents, trademarks and designs) and Patent Assets Management.

The firm has extensive experience in filing patent applications in Israel and around the world for local and foreign inventors, companies and Startups, and handling the examination process through to registration.

Our multi-disciplinary experience and knowledge allow us to draft patent applications in many subjects, in the fields of physics, chemistry, and engineering such as: Optics, Electronics, Medical devices, Nano-technology, Semiconductors, Computers, Printed circuit boards, Chemical processes, Mechanics, Defense systems, Agriculture.

The firm also offers high-quality, comprehensive services of analyzing search reports and formulating opinions on patentability and freedom to operate.

Our team provides legal consultancy, including contract negotiations, drafting (commercial agreements, distribution agreements, license agreements and employment agreements) and litigation services in all courts, high profile and sensitive law suits, including before the Patent Authority.

Adv. Alon Levin​

Adv. Levin started his legal career as a pre-intern and as an intern at the Ministry of Justice, the Israel Patents, Designs and Trademarks Authority as an intern of Registrar Moshe Goldberg. Within his internship, Adv. Levin dealt in writing opinions and decisions in the patents, trademarks and designs field. He also dealt with coordinating legislative committees on these issues.

In 2011, Adv. Levin enrolled as a partner in the Afik Turgeman Law Office, managing its litigation department. Within this capacity, he managed litigation cases in the fields of intellectual property, corporations, complex commercial actions, conflicts between shareholders and family conflicts of a financial nature.

From 2015, Adv. Levin establish the office that he heads. The office provides litigation services in complex commercial and economic fields. Thinking outside the box, simplifying complex issues and savings for customers are the hallmarks of the office and the reasons for its success. Within the activity of his office and his work at the Patents, Designs and Trademarks Authority, Adv. Levin provides unique solutions for inventors, entrepreneurs and startup companies, in the legal and commercial planes, through his connections with investors and various funds.

Dr. Sharona Lahav – Patent Attorney

Dr. Sharona Lahav, a Chemical and Materials Engineer, holds several academic degrees that make her an excellent interdisciplinary patent attorney:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from University of South Florida
  • M.S. in Chemical Engineering from City College of New York
  • Ph.D. in Materials Engineering from Columbia University

Dr. Sharona Lahav has accumulated vast knowledge in science and technology and in many of sub-disciplines. Her multi-disciplinary experience and knowledge allow her to cater to all her client’s needs and to draft patent applications in many subjects, in the fields of physics, chemistry, and engineering such as:

Mechanics, Optics, Electronics, Medical devices, Nano-technology, computers, Semiconductors, Printed circuit boards, Chemical processes, Weapons and defense systems’ Agriculture, Cosmetics

Over the years, Dr. Sharona Lahav accumulated extensive experience in

drafting patent applications, filing in Israel and around the world, and handling patent applications through to registration;

preparation, filing and handling design applications through to registration in Israel and around the world;

analyzing search results and formulating opinions about patentability and freedom to operate;

client portfolio management and advice, preparation and handling of various proceedings such as patent oppositions, patent reinstatements and more.

Adv. Sandrine Moyal

Sandrine Moyal made Aliyah from Montreal, Canada. She speaks English and French as her mother tongue. She previously held positions at international Israeli companies such as Teva Pharmaceuticals and Strauss Elite Group where she gained extensive experience and knowledge in corporate law, international commercial agreements and loan agreements with banks globally.

Sandrine represents clients worldwide (Canada, USA, France…) and foreign investors in various investment opportunities, including in the real estate and commercial sectors.

As an experienced Real Estate attorney, Sandrine assists clients with purchase and sale transactions, real estate tax consultation and property management services.

Sandrine specializes in estate planning, wills and inheritance law. As well as, settling succession cases for Israelis abroad and non-residents, who have inherited properties and assets in Israel.

Sandrine provides Foreign Expert Opinions for the Canadian law in a variety of areas, including inheritances and guardianships.

Adv. Omri Eini​

Omri is married and has two children. He currently lives in Tel Aviv. Omri was born in Be’er Sheva, where he was raised and educated. His father was a local labor leader who later become the Chairman of the General Labor Federation and had enormous influence on the rights of workers in Israel, and Omri chose, following this life experience, to study law, with the intent of acquiring expertise in the
labor law field, to help workers in need of legal services.

After he qualified as an attorney and mediator, Omri started to practice in the labor law field, under more experienced attorneys. After a few years of practice in which he acquired knowledge and experience, based on the aim of passing forward to employees and employers some of his father’s teachings, Omri opened his
independent practice with the aim of determinedly and industriously protecting the rights of workers, based on a deep, purposeful view for the client’s benefit and the understanding that labor relations must entail mutual respect and balancing. Omri gained experience in the sports law field, covering all aspects thereof, including representing athletes, associations and clubs. As an integral part of the sports law field, Omri advises and supports athletes in various fields, labor law, contract law and torts law and represents them in relevant instances and institutions.

Adv. Eldad Ben-Giora​

Adv. Ben-Giora acquired his education at the Ono Academic Collage. During his studies, he experimented with various subjects in the field of Law and Technology. Adv. Ben-Giora currently serves as an Assistant Lecturer in Evidence Law at the Ono Academic Collage.

Adv. Ben Giora worked as a pre-intern at a senior law firm in the field of intellectual property and took part in a student delegation to the World Intellectual Property Organization in Switzerland (WIPO). Where he gave a lecture on blockchain and its possible impact on intellectual property law. He was also sent on a summer scholarship in the field of law and cryptocurrencies, which its research was focused, among other things, on the influence of cryptocurrency on the legal world, and the legal validation of smart contracts.

Among other experiences, Adv. Ben-Giora specializes in the field of privacy law and information security and has served as an information security consultant in the field of GRC at a senior cyber security company in Israel. In this context, he provided an ongoing consulting to corporations in the field of privacy and compliance, with various information security regulations in Israel, while accompanying various complex internal organizational processes. In addition to that, Adv. Ben-Giora has been consulting on information security, in accordance with regulations such as the European General data protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA).

Adv. Ben-Giora spent his internship year at the Public Defender’s Office in the Southern District. There he has experienced a wide variety of cases in various fields relating to criminal law and representing defendants in court. Among other things, Adv. Ben-Giora has Among other things, Adv. Ben Giora has experienced matters related to digital evidence, computer intrusion, aspects of computer and cameras warrants.


Litigation: Commercial law, criminal law, privacy and information security law, intellectual property law and cryptocurrencies.  

Legal consultant and guidance in the field of privacy law, information security law, Intellectual property, and cryptocurrencies.

Accompanying corporations to comply with various regulations such as the information security regulations in Israel, the European GDPR and the American CCPA.

Legal advises in the areas of privacy protection, information security and cryptocurrencies.

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