Real Estate

Our firm represents private clients and companies in various real estate transactions of both private and government owned land.

Real estate transactions are often accompanied by power struggles and strategy on the part of the involved parties. Our firm and the accompanying team are highly skilled in creating a relaxed atmosphere and proposing creative solutions that will bring both parties to sign the agreement.

Another strong advantage are the firm’s services to foreign nationals who want to acquire and invest in real estate in Israel. These services are provided through our international department that offers services in mother tongue level English and French.  

Our firm will accompany you in all the transaction stages, from the preliminary stage in examining the legal, planning and financial aspects of the transaction through the business and legal negotiation stages.

The last stage involves implementing the transaction and drafting the agreement. Quick action of the lawyer carrying out the agreements between the parties after the negotiations, which are sometimes long and complex, is important at this stage. Moreover, the agreement must be sufficiently detailed while also simple and clear.    

Our firm offers the following services:

  • Counsel and accompany real estate transactions
  • Due diligence
  • Drafting agreements
  • Legal counseling on real estate taxation issues
  • Represent foreign investors in real estate transactions in Israel
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