The importance of a trademark is sometimes greater than its economic value to the company. A trademark is the company’s calling card in the eyes of the consumer. The greater recognition a company’s trademark receives, along with its association with the products it sells, the greater the value of the company and the more the consumer will identify the product with the trademark.

For a trademark to be registrable and protectable it must distinguish the goods of the mark owner from those of other entities. The law states that there are non-registrable marks, including a mark which has the potential of misleading the public, or a mark that belongs to someone else or is similar to a mark and raises concern of possible deception.

Regarding trademark registration, in 2010 Israel joined the treaty which enables registration of an international trademark as part of the Madrid Protocol. Since then an international trademark application can be filed in many Protocol member countries based on an application filed in Israel. This means that an Israeli applicant can, by filing an application in Israel, register their trademark in various countries in the world, instead of filing the application in each country separately.

Our firm offers the following services:

  • Draft and file international trademark applications
  • Accompany and counsel up through completion of trademark registration
  • Trademark searches to examine whether the trademark is qualified for registration
  • Trademark valuation for local and foreign clients
  • Due diligence
  • Opinions regarding trademarks, including freedom to operate opinions
  • Licensing agreements
  • Trademark commercialization
  • Litigation services for trademark protection in all instances, including the Patent, Design and Trademark Registrar
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